Want to get involved?

Workplace contacts
This is an ideal role for someone who is interested in becoming a steward or safety rep and wants to find out more about what’s involved.

A UNISON steward is an elected rep who helps organise, recruit and represent members in their workplace.

Health and Safety reps
A UNISON health and safety rep helps to make sure that both people’s jobs and their workplaces do not cause injury or ill-health.

Benefits of being involved:

 – Help make a difference

 – Get together with work friends, colleagues and meet new people

 – Discover new opportunities for education, training and development

 – Help yourself and improve your life at work, home and in the wider world

 – Have fun and do something you enjoy

– Receive expenses for travel, food, etc

 – Paid time off work to perform duties

 – Modest Honorarium paid annually to Officers and Stewards

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